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Wydziałowa Stacja Doświadczalna
w Skierniewicach
Experimental Fields

Two fields belong to the Station. Field I (founded in 1921) covers an area of 27,83 ha, including 25 ha of arable land. The arable land is managed as follow:

  • 5 ha of field experiments conducted in static system since 1921 (Fields A, D and E) to evaluate effect of varied fertilization on crops and environment in different crop rotation systems,
  • 2 ha of field experiments conducted over 20 years to evaluate action of phosphorus and potassium depending on soil pH value and nutrients availability,
  • 3 ha of field experiments with fertilizing use of different organic waste (compost Dano, wort),
  • 1,2 ha of energy crops collection of the Department of Plant Physiology (Fields R IIIa–b),
  • 13,8 ha of production fields (Fields B, C & R IV–VI).



Field II, which covers area of 31 ha, was bought by SGGW-WULS in Warsaw in 2004 from the City Office of Skierniewice. It is located in Miedniewice village, in distance of 1 km from the Field I. At the present it is mainly a production field. Part of its area is used by the Department of Agronomy at the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology SGGW-WULS in Warsaw for experimental purposes. There is a plan to build a Model Organic Farm at the Field II in the future.