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Wydziałowa Stacja Doświadczalna
w Skierniewicach
Soil Conditions

Surface of two experimental fields, belonging to the Station, is covered by soils of glacial origin, on ground moreine. Dominant type of these soils are stagnic luvisols — about 90% of the Field I and about 65% of the Field II.  Other surface of the fields is covered by brown earth soil. The substratum is a loamy sand (14–17% of silt) to a depth of about 40 cm, and a loam in deeper soil layers. The average content of total organic carbon in these soils is about 0,6–0,75%. Soils are classified as very good rye agricultural suitability complex and good wheat.  Soils of the Field I belong to IIIb (17%) and IVa (83%) quality classes, while soils of the Field II — IIIa (34%), IIIb (51%), IVa (10%) and IVb (5%) quality classes.