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Our Offer

Thanks to over 90 years of experience in research within life sciences and appropriate technical facilities we can offer our Customers realization of studies, expertise and training in the field of: 


1. Crop fertilization
  • elaboration of fertilization plans for farms,
  • elaboration of technology and rules of fertilization for different crops.
2. Renewable energy sources
  • elaboration of processing technology of organic biomass to agricultural biogas with digestate mass management plan.
3. Using waste as fertilizers
  • elaboration of processing technology of different waste to organic and organic-mineral fertilizers,
  • evaluation of environmental risk of waste use in crop fertilization.

We have our own analytical laboratory, vegetation hall, research facility with ca. 1000 ground pots and others. We can also offer you elegant lecture hall with seating for 90 people and comfortable rooms with 29 places for sleep located in our modern educational and social building.


You are welcome to use our services!