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w Skierniewicach

List of grants and projects implemented on the basis of long-term experiments or vegetative experiments conducted in The Station

  • Composting of onion waste after extraction. The research package implemented under project 'Modernization and development of R&D infrastructure in the area of health promoting and traditional food'. Operational Programme Innovative Economy, 2014–2015. M. Szymańska, E. Szara, M. Korc.

  • Elaboration of optimal processing technology of digestate mass to products with high fertilizing value and elaboration of rules for their application in field production. The service was commissioned by Bioalians Company under programme 'Innovation Voucher' founded by PARP, 2013. J. Łabętowicz, M. Szymańska.

  • Low-cost and environment-friendly system of fertilizing and sowing of maize. Project implemented under programme of applied research in pathway B. NCBiR Project, 2012–2015. W. Stępień.

  • Evaluation of N2O emission from soil and the potential susceptibility of soil denitrification in different fertilization and crop rotation systems. NCN Grant, 2011–2014. T. Sosulski, W. Stępień, M. Korc, E. Szara.

  • Evaluation of fertilizer value and effects on soil of digestate pulp formed in the production of biogas using different organic substrates. NCN Grant, 2010 –2013 realizowany w Uniwersytecie Przyrodniczym w Poznaniu. J. Łabętowicz, M. Szymańska, W. Stępień, M. Korc.

  • Evaluation of impact of different forms of potassium fertilizers on yield and quality of crops (sugar beet, potato, winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, maize for grain). Project under international agreement with BPC Singapore Pte Ltd., 2010–2013. J. Łabętowicz, W. Stępień.

  • Development of technology for the treatment and management of biogas digestate. NCN Grant, 2010–2013. M. Szymańska, J. Łabętowicz, W. Stępień, T. Sosulski, M. Korc.

  • Possibilities of vermicultures use in processes of biomass disposal. Production and economy effects of recycling of spent mushroom substrate in large-scale production technology of vermicompost and the multiplication of earthworms. NCN Grant implemented in Departament of , Economics and Organization of Enterprises SGGW-WULS, 2010–2012. J. Żuk, M. Korc.

  • Development of technology for transformation of spent mushroom substrate for organic and organic-mineral fertilizers. NCBiR Development Project, 2008–2010. J. Łabętowicz, A. Fabirkiewicz, W. Szulc, B. Rutkowska, W. Stępień.

  • Modern technologies of energy use of biomass and biodegradable waste /BiOB/ Conversion of BiOB to energy gaseo fuels. Commissioned Grant (energy plants), 2007–2010. Research task of Department of Plant Physiology: Comparison of physiological parameters determined biomass yield of selected species of energy crops. S. Podlaski, D. Chołuj, G. Wiśniewski. Research task of Section of Agricultural Chemistry: Elaboration of fertilization system of energy crops in different conditions of nutrient depletion in soil. J. Łabętowicz, W. Stępień.

  • Elaboration of fertilization system of energy crops in different condition of nutrient depletion in soil. Podzadanie projektu badawczego zamawianego, 2007–2010. „Nowoczesne  Technologie  Energetycznego  Wykorzystania  Biomasy i Odpadów  Biodegradowalnych  (BiOB)  –  Konwersja  BiOB Do  Energetycznych  Paliw  Gazowych” koordynator projektu Instytutu Energetyki, Warszawa. J. Łabętowicz, W. Stępień.

  • The evaluation of phosphorus, potassium, liming, fertilization with brown on yield and properties of soil unfertilized 83 years these nutrients. KBN Grant, 2006–2009. W. Stępień, J. Łabętowicz, M. Szymańska.

  • Productivity of Miscanthus x giganteus grown for energy purposes in different water and nutrients availability conditions and role of the species in management of sewage sludge. KBN Grant, 2006–2009. Z. Wyszyński, W. Stępień, T. Łoboda, S. Pietkiewicz.

  • Mobility of ions in soil profiles from long-term static fertilization experiments in Skierniewice. KBN Grant, 2006–2009. T. Kozanecka, W. Stępień, W. Kwasowski, Z. Brogowski.

  • Evaluation of fertilizing needs and usefulness of sewage sludge in fertilization of Miscanthus x giganteus and Sida hermaphrodita. Internal Grant, 2006–2008. W. Stępień.

  • Usefulness of different extraction solutions for the determination of soil contamination with heavy metals on the basis of  plant indicators. Internal Grant, 2006–2008. B. Rutkowska.

  • Usefulness of different extraction solutions for the determination of soil contamination with heavy metals on the basis of  plant indicators. Internal Grant, 2006–2008. W. Stępień

  • Effect of long-term varied potassium fertilization in different crop rotation systems on chemical and mineralogical indicators of changes in soil environment. KBN Grant, 2006–2008. W. Stępień, Z. Zagórski.

  • Speciation of ions in the soil solution as a method of assessing the degree of soils and plants contamination with heavy metals. KBN Grant, 2005–2008.  J. Łabętowicz, M. Szymańska.

  • Development of the methodology for determination of sulphur fertilization needs. Internal Grant, 2003–2006. W. Szulc, J. Łabętowicz.

  • Use of brown coal to improvement of physico-chemical and biological properties of chemically contaminated soils. Research task in Grant, 2003–2006. A. Maciejewska (Warsaw University of Technology), W. Stępień.


List of major research conducted as own studies

  • Use of long-term static fertilization experiments to long course evaluation of different fertilization systems of crops in terms of their agricultural effectiveness and environmental effects,

  • Elaboration of management models of fertilizing elements in agroecosystem for different types of farms,

  • Research under framing of new diagnostic systems in crop fertilization based on chemical analysis and speciation of soil solutions,

  • Evaluation of usefulness of row and treated industrial and municipal waste, new fertilizers in terms of agricultural value and risk for environment,

  • Evaluation of nutritional and fertilizing needs of energy crops to elaboration of fertilization technology based on use of organic waste materials,

  • Elaboration of technology of processed of spent mushroom substrate to granulated organic and organic-mineral fertilizers,

  • Usefulness of digestate mass from agricultural biogas plant to crop fertilization,

  • Depth of granulated fertilizers application in terms of improvement of nutrients utilization by plants,

  • Reaction of highbush blueberry on varied soil availability of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, pH value and increasing doses of N in different systems of mulching.