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Research Directions


Major research directions conducted at The Station on the basis of long-term static fertilization experiments:

  • elaboration of new and modification of existed fertilization needs of unexamined species and/or varieties,
  • evaluation of acidification degree and nutrient availability in soil in crop quality,
  • evaluation of long-term effect of different fertilization systems on soil and crops,
  • evaluation of mineral and organic fertilization on yield, chemical composition and quality of different crop species and varieties,
  • evaluation of crop productivity in crop rotation or in monoculture depending on different fertilization,
  • evaluation of fertilization effectiveness of agricultural and horticultural crops,
  • elaboration or modification of nutrients balances over the years,
  • evaluation of ecological effects of varied soil acidification or unbalanced fertilization,
  • dynamics of nutrient changes in soil based on soil samples collected in the soil samples bank,
  • elaboration of models of soil fertility changes and crop yielding under certain soil conditions.

Other research directions conducted at the Station:

  • methods of increasing of organic fertilizers effectiveness,
  • evaluation of usefulness of different raw materials and new mineral fertilizers,
  • techniques and technologies of fertilization,
  • heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in agricultural ecosystems,
  • fertilizing use of waste,
  • elaboration of element balances in agricultural ecosystems,
  • regeneration of soils strongly depleted from nutrients.